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Have you tasted our savory and yummy authentic Delhi cuisines. They will titillate your taste buds for sure.

Delhi is really popular for its wide range of culinary delights throughout the world. The great variety and distinct flavors of a lots of delicious and lip smacking dishes of Delhi is bound to titillate the taste buds of all foodies having different taste sensations. We took a cue from it and tried to recreate the magic of original Delhi cuisines with its genuine recipes and flavors at 4550 miles from Delhi to cater all the food lovers having different tastes and liking. Our highly specialized chefs are adept in cooking the finest Indian cuisines that smack of authentic Delhi taste. It’s inviting aroma and healthy and nutritional food recipes is too appealing to miss really. Come and taste it yourself the ultimate food experience like never before.

Who doesn’t like a good curry? Some go for the all consuming mouth burning reach for the water option, others just opt for that little mild taste of India that leaves you satisfied, yet with your mouth still in tact. I’m a somewhere down the middle of the road kinda curry consumer. Hold the chillies, but still give me that taste sensation. Let’s campaign for a National holiday dedicated to everything Curry shaped and all the joy it brings, who’s in?

As huge curry lovers we were so excited to be invited down to 4550 Miles From Delhi where we were treated to an Indian feast fit for many a Maharaja thanks to a hugely varied menu choice. From mild to spicy dishes, every taste is catered for without compromising on flavor. There’s even a decent range of vegetarian dishes.

4550 Miles From Delhi has always been one of the top rated curry venues in Nottingham throughout the years so it was great to see how it had fared over the years. Could they still offer high quality authentic Indian dishes, at reasonable prices?

I opted for the 4550 Tokri Chaat, one of the house specials to start with. A Potato basket filled with chicken and avocado, mixed fruit, strained yogurt, and chutneys. The dish is served cold which I didn’t think I’d like initially, but as a starter option it worked really well. The spiced chicken mixed in with the fruit, and rounded off with a mild yogurt really had me wanting more, but I needed to save room for my main course. Portion size was huge and could have in fact been served as main course.

After much deliberation Paul decided to opt for the Lamb fillet kebab to start with. It’s a simple dish, culled from the fillet, flavored with shahi jeera and cooked on a griddle. It came out tender, full of taste, and fresh. The meat had obviously been given time to mature and marinate as it held and maintained the flavors and was melt in the mouth. A huge thumbs up.

As if choosing a started wasn’t difficult enough, It has to be said that we were definitely spoilt for choice when deciding on a main course. I went for my good old trusty favorite, Chicken Tikka Masala, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It’s always great to taste your favorite dish in a variety of restaurants as the variation on the same dish brings up some amazingly differing tastes. The chicken was cooked to perfection, the mixture of spice and tomato wasn’t over powering and worked well as a light yet satisfying main course. The abundance of flavor was outstanding, and the egg rice, a simplistic sundry choice was fluffy, light and packed a punch with flavor.

Paul went slightly more spicy than me and ordered the chicken jalfrazi. Served with capsicum peppers, garnished with ginger and fresh coriander, the heat was in there but not so over whelming that the dish wasn’t enjoyable. The chef had prepared the chicken to absolute perfection. It was tender and there was plenty of it, and the sauce to meat ratio was well balanced.

The service was impeccable. We weren’t rushed, time was given between each course to let our food go down, and nothing was too much trouble. Friendly attentive staff actually make a meal out that bit more pleasurable.

4550 miles from Delhi could actually benefit from a slight makeover as the decor is starting to look a little dated, but the manager advised me they will be investing money shortly the bring the venue up to standard. I think once this has been carried the place will be even more fantastic.

Thank you for a great authentic Indian experience with amazing food.

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