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Delhi is the heartland of finest Indian cuisine. It is fittingly hailed as the Food Capital of India. It is well known throughout the world for its rich variety of scrumptious and delectable culinary is a wonderful food heaven for the food lovers of all savours and varieties. Taking a leaf from the original Delhi cuisine book, we have tried to re-create the magic of vintage Delhi curry flavour in our especially cherry-picked medley of Indian dishes at 4550 miles from Delhi, Nottingham. You will feel the same dining experience as in Delhi. We are inclined fully to give you an everlasting and appetizing eating experience that would titillate your taste buds and give you a lingering aftertaste of a lifetime.

We have the best chefs from Delhi to give you the best variety of unparalleled Indian culinary delights. They are specially cooked to perfection and pepped up by fresh herbs, aromatic spices and natural ingredients devoid of any artificial coloring and flavoring.

We are committed to give you a salutary assortment of the freshly prepared Indian cuisines of the highest order to satiate your cravings fully. We have tried our level best to design a perfect dining setting to give you a relaxing and pleasant feeling to soothe your taste sensation fully. Keeping the typical Delhi roadside eating tradition in the open and its hurly- burly life we have introduced an open plan “theater kitchen’ ’to revive the same feeling of déjà vo in Nottingham as if you are dinning in Delhi itself. Here you can see your ordered dishes freshly cooked to perfection in front of your eyes by our best chefs.

Come along and figure out our innovative blend of the top notch dishes steeped in rich Indian tradition, that smack of the ultimate savors of Delhi. Our distinctive theater kitchen and groovy décor will impress you for sure. A novel and heady ambiance is waiting for your arrival.


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We’re Now Open
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